R2 Copilot FAQ

What is R2 Copilot?

R2 Copilot is a privacy-centric, GPT-powered AI assistant for your everyday business communications. R2 Copilot is available as an add-in for Microsoft Office 365 products, social media platforms, and as an extension for various online services and applications. Designed to change the way you interact with AI assistants, R2 uses cutting-edge AI language learning models and innovative data exchange protocols to make your interactions secure, fast, and strictly confidential

What makes R2 Copilot different from other AI-powered assistants?

How does R2 work?

How does R2 keep my chats private?

Can I try R2 for free?

Which services is R2 currently available for?

Will R2 come to other services?

Can I add users, tokens, and/or prompts independently of my subscription?

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